This evening Långholmen SwimRunKlubb hold the 3rd free training session on Långholmen.

Last week the local newspaper visited us. Please read the article about our training and our competition (
Please note that Nils and Teo from Ångaloppet actually is just as involved in the training, if not even more than we are!

Do not miss the chance to come by and try the new course. Your laptime will be posted on FB so you can use it as a benchmark. We meet 17:45 down at the beach for a little rundown. 

Ångaloppet also keeps free practice sessions at the same time and location that is very good. So there will also be two training groups to choose from for those who do not want to run the course. 

Last week I attended their session and got some good tips from Teo on how to swim together with my partner in the most effective manner.

It is still relatively cold in the water so wetsuit and colorful bathing cap is mandatory. You'll also be able to swim 200 meters.

See you down at the beach 17:45

Peter Schröder & Långholmen SRK

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