The new course

SWIM 3 KM, RUN 30 KM  

Running section A (Långholmen) 1000 meters

Swim section 1 (Långholmens Klippbad from bay to bay) 75 meters 

Running section B (Långholmen) 400 meters

Swim section 2 (From anchoring sign on the northern side of the island along land and under Västerbron) 165 meters

Running section  C (Långholmen) 230 meters 

Swim section 3 (From the steamboat pier to the other side of the bay) 135 meters 

Running section  D (Långholmen) 1250 meters

Swim section 4 (Cross the small bay at  the west side of Långholmen) 110 meters 

Running section E (Långholmen) 900 meters

Swim section 5 (From the jetty along land and under the Långholms bridge) 80 meters

Running section F (Långholmen) 220 meters

Running section G (Långholmen to the jetty infront of the Medieval Museum Helgeandsholmen)  4200 meters

Swim section 6 (From the jetty at Helgeandsholmen across Norrström to Strömgatan) 125 meters

Running section H (Strömgatan to The City hall) 1400 meters

Swim section 7 (In front of The City Hall) 100 meters 

Running section I (The City hall - Horsnbergs Strand) 3700 meters

Swim section 8 (Hornsbergs Strand from the first pier along the dock pass the baths) 580 meters

Running section J (Horsnbergs Strand to jetty at Stora Essingen) 4400 meters

Swim section 9 (From Jetty to jetty along land at Stora Essingen) 180 meters

Running section K (Stora Essingen to Concrete pier at Vinterviken) 3200 meters

Swim section 10 (Concrete pier along land to small beach) 110 meters

Running section L (Vinterviken around the left side of Trekanten) 2700 meters

Swim section 11 (From the east to the west side of Trekanten) 650 meters

Sprint price Running (Up hill Nybohovs old ski slope) 300 meters 

Aid Station 2 at the top of Blommensbergsbacken/the old ski slope

Running section M (Trekanten - Liljeholmskajen) 1700 meters

Swim section 12 (Liljeholmskajen) - 160 meters

Running section N (Liljeholmskajen over the train bridge across Årstaviken) 2000 meters

Swim section 13 (from jetty at Södermalm to Årstaholmar) - 70 meters

Running section O (Årstaholmar) 800 meters

Swim section 14 (Årstaholmar back to Södermalm) 210 meters 

Running section P (Along Årstaviken to the beach in Tantolunden) 450 meters

Swim section 15 (Outside the buoys around the beach) 240 meters

Running section Q (Tantolunden - Finish at Långholmen)  1450 meters

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