Wednesday training no4

Do not miss the last chance to run the sprint lap at Långholmen SwimRun. The course is also the first part of he long lap at Långholmen SwimRun. So if you plan to participate in the race this is the last opportunity to test the course / parts of the course. 

We run the first a lap together at a pace that everyone can keep. The second lap is up to you. 

Your laptime for the second lap will be posted on FB so you can use it as a benchmark. We meet 17:45 down at the beach for a little rundown. 

Even more important! 
Ångaloppet keeps there first family training session at the same time and location. Don't miss this chance to introduce the sport to your children. But please let Ångaloppet know if you are joining them on the session by clicking this link below and register.ångholmen

See you on the beach!

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