The lottery!!

The lottery!!

One of the teams from the sprint 2017 wins a free entry to LÅNGHOLMEN SWIMRUN JUNE 16 2018. Watch the movie on our Facebook site to find out which one.



Results Långholmen SwimRun 2017

Results Långholmen SwimRun 2017



Pos Overall Bib# Team Athlete 4.5 km Pace Totaltid
1 2 2 WolffWear SwimRun Mens team Andrew Maclean  Erik Froode 00:29:25 05:56 03:16:02
2 3 1 Lundin Ribbefjord Andreas Ribbefjord Karl Lundin 00:29:21 05:59 03:17:46
3 4 4 Physics...

LIVE-broadcast (test)

Tomorrow we will try to LIVE-broadcast as much as possible from the race here on Facebook, stay tuned!

You can also follow the teams here

(Results will show up when the first team has finished the Sprint-course on Långholmen/passed the first checkpoint)

Good odds!

Good odds!


The first team to cross the finish line in Långholmen SPRINT June 17th will win an free entry to Långholmen SwimRun FULL DISTANCE in 2018. There will also be a lottery of a free entry to SwimRunGaining (October 7th, 2017). Right now there is only 5 teams registered for the sprint so the odds of winning are good.…/pr…/langholmen-swimrun-sprint

The new course

The new course

SWIM 3 KM, RUN 30 KM  

Running section A (Långholmen) 1000 meters

Swim section 1 (Långholmens Klippbad from bay to bay) 75 meters 

Running section B (Långholmen) 400 meters

Swim section 2 (From anchoring sign on the northern side of the island along land and under Västerbron) 165 meters

Running section  C (Långholmen) 230 meters 

Swim section 3 (From the steamboat pier to the other side of the bay) 135 meters 

Running section  D (Långholmen) 1250 meters

Swim section 4 (Cross the small bay at  the west side of Långholmen) 110 meters 

Running section E (Långholmen) 900 meters

Swim section 5 (From the jetty along land and under the...