Swimrun Frontyard

The setup is simple: the distance is always the same – one lap on the Långholmen Swimrun sprint course but with each lap you have 1 minute less available to finish the distance. Each new lap has to be finished within the allotted time which becomes 1 minute shorter with each lap completed. On the first lap you will have 50 minutes to reach the finish line and begin your second lap which must be finished within 49 minutes and so on. If you finish your lap faster than the allowed lap time you can use that time for rest and energy intake. The competitor who completes the most number of laps is the winner, if there are two or more competitors on the last lap the winner is the one who crosses the finish line first. Read more about the original frontyard here. 

Goodiebag, Medal, Pizza, Finisher t-shirt and energy along the course are included in the entry fee.

The competitors will swim and run our  sprint course (4500 meters running and 500 swimming).

This is a solo race. You have to be 18 years or older to compete in FRONTYARD Swimrun and be able to swim at least 200 meter. Participation takes place at your own risk. Support is allowed after finishing a loop, but not during a loop.

Aid station
We serve energy drinks, water, coffee, fruit and other nutrition at the Start/finish area. Hot food is served every three hours.

Drop zon
Is lokated at Start/finish area. Maximun size of the drop bag is 100 cm x 60 cm x 60 cm. We take no responsibility for the bags but they will be guarded all the time.