Date: Sunday, October 22, 2022

SwimRunGaining is a race that has taken inspiration from Rogaining, which is a simpler form of Orienteering. No previous orienteering skills are required. With this race, we hope to bring an additional dimension to the two sports SwimRun and Orienteering.

The participant’s goal is to collect as many points as possible within a certain period of time (2h). 15 minutes before the start, the teams (consisting of 2 or 3 persons) receives a map with a number of checkpoints. The further away the checkpoint is located the more points it will give. 

The values of the checkpoints are between 20 -100 points. Half of the number of checkpoints are located in the water and the rest of them on land. A combination of running and swimming will be the fastest way to collect as many points as possible during the course.

Each checkpoint has a unique number. The first figure in this number indicates the value of the checkpoint, For example, checkpoint 21 = 20 points, checkpoint 55 = 50 points.

The first team to arrive a checkpoint will receive a bonus of 20 points. Strategic thinking and tactics are therefore equally crucial as physical strength during the competition.

Hash-house will be announced 2 weeks before race day. Hash-house will never be located more than 1 hour away by public transportation from T-centralen. 

Swimming caps &  a water resistance map are provided by the organizer. We serve coffee and energy at the finish. There will also be energy drinks and water along the course in the form of an aid station.

Registration 11.00
Distribution of maps 11.45
Start at 12:00
Finish before 14:00, after that 20 points per minute will be subtracted from the total score.

Mandatory equipment to be displayed when registering:

Whistles – one per person
Wetsuits – one per person
Compass – at least one per team
First aid (pressure bandage) – at least one per team


  • The team members must stick together throughout the competition. The members of the team must under no circumstances be more than 20 meters apart, either on land or in the water.
  • The team must stamp each checkpoint together, a maximum of ten meters between the members.
  • The swim cap must be worn on the head in all swim moments.
  • All participating teams must carry their own equipment from start to finish.
  • Float relief that exceeds the dimensions of 100 cm x 60 cm is not permitted in the competition.
  • Violation of the rules will lead to disqualification if discovered.
  • No littering

If you have any questions, please contact us at info@langholmenswimrun.se or inbox us on Facebook.

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