Långholmen Swimrun Sprint

Date: SATURDAY JUNE 19, 2021 (START 10.00 AM)

In Långholmen SwimRun sprint you compete in teams of two people in one joint class for; Men, Women and Mixed teams. This is the perfect opportunity to try Swim Run. The course is not too long but still very challenging. In total the competitor swims 500 meters divided into 5 different sections where the longest one will be 135 meters. The course also offers 4500 meters of technical trail running.

As in other Swimrun-races the participants alternate between running and swimming with minimal stops associated with getting in and out of the water. The shoes usually are kept on during the swim sections and wetsuit stays on at the running parts. The contest is open to everyone regardless of whether they make their first SwimRun race or if they belong to the world’s elite.

In the sprint race, one of the team members can be under 18 years old as long as the older member vouches for that the younger teammate’s swimming skills are good enough to participate in the race. If both participants in the team are older than 12 years and have their parents’ permission they are also welcome to compete. A parent (or guardian) has to be present on race day to sign a waiver when registering. All participants in the sprint race must be able to swim at least 200 meters.


All of the equipment that the athletes use has to be carried all the way from start to the finish line.


  • Course Map 
  • Swimming caps must be worn visible during all the swims
  • Race bibs


  • 2 Whistles
  • At least one neoprene garment or other flotation devices such as a pull-bouy or a kickboard for each competitor. We highly recommend wetsuits or neoprene shorts and a vest. 


Floating subjects greater than 100 × 60 centimeters are not allowed. Paddles, fins, pullbuoys or similar objects are allowed as long as they are carried all the way from the start to the finish line. Swimming goggles and shoes with low wet weight are recommended.

Leaving objects and littering along the course will lead to disqualification.

The fastest route between the swimming distances and the other control points will be marked with tape. The organizer can not guarantee that the tape is not removed during the race day. Participants are therefore equipped with a map where this road is plotted. 

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