Last one standing

This year there will be a Front yard instead of a Last One Standing Swimrun. SATURDAY JUNE 17, 2023 (START 10.00 AM)
The Last One Standing Swimrun is a different type of event with a new “race” starting every hour on the hour. There will be no male, female, or age group awards, only the Last One (athlete) Standing. 
The competitors will swim and run our sprint course (4500 meters running and 500 swimming) with a one hour window for completion. It will be an easy loop to finish in under an hour for most people. At least for the first few times around!
Racing starts Saturday at 10am. Men and women will complete the course at whatever pace they choose, but they MUST complete the loop in less than 60 minutes! Those that complete the course in under an hour will earn the right to continue. The next start is at 11am. Same loop, same rules apply. The race continues in this format until there is only one athlete remaining (standing). The lone athlete must be standing at the starting line ready for the next start to be declared the Last Man Standing and the winner.
This is a solo race. You have to be 18 years or older to compete in Last One Standing Swimrun and be able to swim at least 200 meter. Participation takes place at your own risk. Support is allowed after finishing a loop, but not during a loop.


  • Course Map
  • Swimming caps must be worn visible during all the swims
  • Race bibs
  • Safety buoy
  • Head lamps (at dusk)


  • Whistle
  • Wetsuit
  • First aid (pressure bandage)

Floating subjects greater than 100 × 60 centimeters are not allowed. Paddles, fins, pullbuoys or similar objects are allowed as long as they are carried all the way from the start to the finish line on each lap. Swimming goggles and shoes with low wet weight are recommended as well as waterprof headlamp.

Leaving objects and littering along the course will lead to disqualification.

Aid station
We serve energy drinks, water, coffee, fruit and other nutrition at the Start/finish area. Hot food is served every three hours.

Drop zon
Is lokated at Start/finish area. Maximun size of the drop bag is 100 cm x 60 cm x 60 cm. We take no responsibility for the bags but they will be guarded all the time.


Saturday, JUNE 18, 2022

Display of mandatory equipment at Start area. Pickup of; number tags, swim caps, map, and plastic bag for your change. Changing clothes may be left here.

09.30-09.45 Race Briefing (at the Start area)

09.00-09.45 Hand in to the clothes storage (same place as registration) Change of clothes should be placed in plastic bags provided by the organizer.

10.00 Start

??:?? Finish (This is a race to the end, and finish when “The Last Person Standing”)

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